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Dixie Electric Company CD


Dixie Electric Company by Chris Stalcup & The Grange



Dixie Electric Company by Chris Stalcup & the Grange
2014 on DirtLeg Records.

  1. Dixie Electric Company
  2. Old Hwy 41
  3. Eastern Stars
  4. Change Your Mind
  5. California
  6. Pawnshop
  7. Tear Out My Heart
  8. Think Of Me
  9. Caroline
  10. Hold On The Handle
  11. Into The Wind

“Bandcamp is a tremendous resource for new music. I searched for Americana on Bandcamp and one of the results was Dixie Electric Co. by Chris Stalcup and The Grange. Some folks might call this alt-country. I think that takes away from the rock incorporated into this band’s sound. This is real country mixed with rock. The vocals at times remind me of Cooley from Drive-By Truckers. I think it’s safe to say that if you like Drive-By Truckers, you’ll like this band, although Stalcup and his band are a lot more twangy than DBT is currently. I especially recommend “Pawnshop.” IncognitoMMM – Incognito Magazine

“They serve Stalcup’s vocal delivery very well, which I can easily pin point as early Mark Kozolek if he had an inspired weekend of Gram Parsons, some whiskey, and some Stax ‘45s. Whether he’s with Chase 56, solo, or with the Grange, it’s damn near impossible to not respect Stalcup’s dedication and love for the music he makes. There is real heartbreak there, whether his or those around him, and he definitely uses his songs as an outlet for that.” Scott Zupardo – No Depression–-dixie-electric-company

“Slogging out rugged, honest and hurting’ country rock that as times sparks fond echoes of Mike Cooley’s contributions to the Truckers, Chris Stalcup & The Grange are out with a pretty darn fine new album, Dixie Electric Company. Longtime Atlanta music fans will certainly recognize a few familiar faces in the lineup. Not concerned with exclusively playing the “cool” venues, you can regularly find Stalcup and co. performing for the unwashed at all manner of small-town drinkin’ holes and time-warp dive bars in the OTP outskirts of town. Gotta love that.” Jeff Clark – Stomp and Stammer

“Chris Stalcup & the Grange brought professionalism and a finely aged whiskey sound to the Back Porch that pulled folks of a broad demographic out of the wood works for a fine night of moonshine, fun, and dancin’.” Sugarlands Distilling Co.


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